Animal Flow Level 1 workshop :  서울(Seoul)


개 요 

 2021년 12월 11-12일(토, 일) 양일간 애니멀 플로우 레벨1 인증 과정이 열립니다. 

 토,일 양일 오전 10시 - 오후 4까지 이제승 Master Instructor가 지도합니다. 

 이 워크샵은  인스트럭터 레벨 1 과정으로, 애니멀플로우의 6대 요소를 정확히 배울 수 있는 코스입니다.  

이 과정을 통해 효과적인 코칭능력과 바디웨이트트레이닝에 대한 이해와 무브먼트 향상을 위한 방법을 배울 수 있습니다.


- 시 험 절 차

워크샵 기간동안 실기 테스트는 보지 않습니다.

최소 30일 이후 최대 90일 사이에 테스트를 볼 수 있습니다. 

실기 테스트 방법은 30일이후 지정한 날에 모여 Live Test를 보거나 비디오 테스트로 대체할 수 있습니다.

합격후에 Animal Flow 레벨1 인스트럭터 자격증이 발급됩니다.


휘트니스 관련 지도자 자격이 없을 경우, Instructor 대신에 Specialist 가 발급됩니다. 

(생활체육지도사, 요가강사, 필라테스강사, 물리치료사, 크로스핏, 댄스강사  등 인정, 기타 자격은 문의 요망)

 본 워크샵은 다음 협회에서 평점을 인정 받습니다. 


NASM – 1.1 CE, AFAA - 11, ACE - 1.1

CanFitPro to provide 8 CECs

Skills Active UK – 10 CPD Points for REPs

Fitness Australia – 9 CECs; Physical Activity Australia – 3 PDP

New Zealand Registered Exercise Professionals (REPs) – 13.75 CPD Points



- 일시

2021년 12월 11-12일(2일간)


- 시간

토요일 : 오전 10시 - 오후 4시

일요일 : 오전 10시 - 오후 4시 30분


- 장소


 맥스체대입시 송파교육원 (서울 송파구 송파동 20-9 천마빌딩 지하 1층 )
  서울 지하철 8, 9호선 석촌역 2번출구 300미터

- 강사

이 제 승 Master Instructor



- 정원 

 34 명(선착순마감)


- 한글 번역 메뉴얼(98페이지) 제공

- 비용

11월 20일 까지 - 740,000원(조기할인)

11월 21일 부터 - 810,000원

 - 우리은행 839-163686-02-001 이제승 (입금후 문자요망)

 - 입금순으로 마감

 -  카드결제 가능  - 바로가기 


- 절 차

가입신청서 작성 (바로가기) - 입금 - 확인문자 - 가입완료



등록기간 : 2021년 12월 9일까지


선착순 마감될 수 있습니다.



11월 20일까지 - 100% 환불

11월 21일까지 - 80% 환불

12월 3일까지 - 50% 환불

12월 4일부터 환불불가


 * 추후 변동될 수 있습니다



 Join us for the Animal Flow® Level 1 Workshop in Seoul, Korea on December 11-12, 2021. The two-day event is six hours each day, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am to 4:00pm, at a venue "Dance School" in Seoul, Korea. The course will be taught in Korean.


 L1 is an intensive two-day workshop (12 hours total) where you’ll learn all 30 Level 1 moves, including regressions, progressions, and variations for all skill levels. You’ll explore how and when to use each movement individually, as well as how to link them together into flows of your own design. This is also your first step toward becoming a Certified Animal Flow Instructor or Specialist. You can find the details on the Certification process and benefits HERE.



- About the Course


 You’ll cover all 6 elements of Animal Flow, including the Traveling Forms (the “ABCs” of animal movements); Switches and Transitions; Wrist Mobility; Activations; Form Specific Stretches, and, of course, Flows. The workshop starts with base positions, which systematically build in difficulty and complexity over the two days. Movements are taught within the context of scientifically-based concepts relevant to anyone working in health and fitness industries.

 Read about the Six Components of Animal Flow, the specific movements covered in the workshop, the course objectives, and more about Level 1 in general HERE.



- What’s Included


 Your registration includes:

Hard copy of the 98-page Student Manual
– Access to the private AF Instructors Facebook group.
– Access to Mike Fitch’s tutorial series reviewing the Call Out language used in AF
– Certificate of Completion, including proof of participation for Continuing Education credits.



- Workshop Preparation:


 The workshop is open to persons of all skill levels. You should be physically fit enough to support your own bodyweight in quadrupedal position, and be medically cleared to participate in physical activities.

 Upon registration, you will receive a welcome video with some practice exercises to help you prepare your wrists for the course.



- Continuing Education Credits


 The Level 1 course is approved to provide continuing education credits from: National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) 1.1 CEUs; Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) 11 CEUs; UK Registered Exercise Professionals (REPS) from PD:Approval 10 CPD; New Zealand Registered Exercise Professionals (REPs) 13.75 5 CPDs; UAE REPS; Canfitpro – 8 canfitpro CECs (Assessment & Exercise Portion: 4 PTS; Program Design Portion: 4 PTS); Fitness Australia – 9 CECs pending renewal; Physical Activity Australia 3 PDPs.



- Who and Where:


 This workshop will be taught by Animal Flow Master Instructor Jeseung Lee. (Read about Jeseung HERE!)  Jeseung will teach the workshop in KOREAN.


The workshop will take place at  Max gym

 (409, Baekjegobun-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea ,

  Seoul Metro line 8,9, Sekchon Station,  exit 2)

Google Map -

- Cost and Payment Plan Options:


The cost for the Level 1 Workshop is $595 USD plus tax.



- Cancellations/Refunds:


Registrations are managed through Animal Flow Korea, which maintains a strict Refund Policy which you can read below.

20 November - 100% refund

21 November  - 80% refund 

3 December - 50% refund

4 December - No refund


 We plan our events, months in advance, and have thousands of students taking workshops per year, so we are unable to accommodate requests to cancel your registration or issue refunds outside of the stated refund policy.